Vietnamese women saved from trafficking at China border

TN News

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Police in Quang Ninh Province at the border with China on Thursday rescued five women and two children from a human trafficking ring.

Luong Thi Ot, 17, Cut Thi La, 17, Nguyen Thi Son, 19, Quang Thi Dung, 21 and Lo Thi Dan, 37, all hailed from the Thanh Chuong District in the north-central province of Nghe An. The two children belonged to Dung and Dan.

They were being brought to China by Len Thi Tuc, 22, and Vi Thi Chien, 42, at around noon on Tuesday.

Chien and Tuc were detained on the spot. Tuc married a Chinese man several years ago. In 2008, she returned to Vietnam and asked Chien to help find women to sell to Chinese men as wives for 3,000-10,000 yuan (US$440-1,460) each, they told the police.

Chien found Tuc three of the rescued women last Friday and two others on Sunday.

Police are investigating the ring further.

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