Vietnamese women caught for disposing of newborn in South Korea

Thanh Nien News

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A Vietnamese student and her friend were arrested in South Korea on Friday for allegedly disposing of the body of her dead newborn baby at a subway station two days earlier, local media reported.
The 19-year-old mother told the police she left the body at subway station in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province so that "one of many passing people would find him and give him a funeral,” according the Korea Herald.
According to the report, she was six months pregnant when she arrived in South Korea in January to enroll at a university as a language school student.
She kept silent about the pregnancy, fearing it would hamper her relationship with her parents and cause problems at school, the report said.
She gave birth to a baby boy on Wednesday, a month before her expected due date. But the baby "was not in healthy state" and died three hours later, the report quoted her testimony as saying. 
She then put the child's body in a shopping bag and left it on the staircase of Uijeongbu station’s underground shopping mall, with the help of a Vietnamese female friend, who is also 19.
Four-and-a-half hours after giving birth, she disposed the shopping bag containing her dead child’s body on the staircase of Uijeongbu station’s underground shopping mall. A Vietnamese female friend, who is also 19, helped her carry out the deed.
The police arrested the two women under charges of illegal disposal of a body. An autopsy will be performed on the baby to verify the cause of death.

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