Vietnamese woman murdered by husband in Taiwan

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Huang Donghe, 52, was arrested for allegedly killing his Vietnamese wife, Ninh Le Phung, in Taipei, Taiwan, on March 1

A Vietnamese woman died after her Taiwanese husband slit her throat in their home in Taipei, Taiwan, Phap Luat TPHCM (Ho Chi Minh City Law) newspaper reported Friday.

Huang Donghe, 52, has been arrested for the March 1 killing of Ninh Le Phung, 42, whom he had married 16 years ago through a marriage brokerage in Vietnam.

The carpenter claimed that he killed his wife while drunk, the newspaper quoted a Taiwanese police as saying.

In the morning that day Huang, allegedly drunk, went to the footwear factory where Phung worked and loudly scolded her. The factory owner called the local police who ordered him to leave.

Phung then asked for leave in the afternoon, and returned to their apartment where her husband continued to drink and scold her.

Fearing he would become violent as was customary, she went to a police station and asked for protection. 

But the police, saying the situation was not very serious, refused to provide protection and merely gave her a receipt for her complaint.

When Phung returned home, Huang continued to scold her.

She showed him the receipt and allegedly called him "pathetic" when Huang grabbed a knife and slit her throat.

She ran out of the house shouting for assistance but collapsed and died soon afterwards.

Huang was arrested with blood all over his clothes.

He was reported to have claimed that he killed his wife to "teach her a lesson."

Phung's family went to Taiwan on Thursday to receive her body, cremated it, and brought her ashes back to Vietnam.

The couple have two daughters aged 14 and 12, and they are now at a social welfare center in Taipei.

Neighbors said Huang was an alcoholic with an unstable income who was violent towards Phung whenever he drank.

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