Vietnamese woman dies on Jetstar flight

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A Vietnamese passenger died on a Jetstar Pacific flight Tuesday from Ho Chi Minh City to her hometown, the northern city of Hai Phong.

The 45-year-old woman had traveled to Ho Chi Minh City to receive medical treatment, but no further details were available.

The woman reportedly had a fever upon checking in and receiving a quick examination at Tan Son Nhat Airport, but she presented a doctor's note saying it was safe for her to fly.

The woman was traveling with a relative, who worked with the flight attendants to administer first aid when the woman's health began deteriorating approximately one hour after take off.

They were unable to save her.

In August 2010, a Vietnamese businessman with a heart condition died on a Vietnam Airlines aircraft from Da Nang to Hanoi just before take off. The flight was delayed and the man was rushed to hospital without being resuscitated.

The Air Transport Association of America and the American Medical Association have set restrictions that forbid individuals with certain health conditions from commercial air travel.

Such conditions include serious heart problems, pneumonia and tuberculosis, severe anemia, clinical psychosis, conditions with high potential for sudden bleeding, and women more than eight-months pregnant.

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