Vietnamese woman, daughter found dead in Seoul in suspected murder-suicide by ex-husband

Thanh Nien News

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South Korean police are investigating the death of a man, his Vietnamese ex-wife and their daughter, which they suspect to be a case of murder-suicide.
The Korean media reported that the Seoul police found the bodies on Monday morning.
The 51-year-old Korean, only identified by his surname Cho, was found hanging on a rope while the woman, 31, and their daughter, 6, were found dead in a car parked nearby.
There were signs the woman had been strangled while a pillow was found above the girl’s face.
Officers also found a note in the car, apparently written by Cho, saying their fake marriage plus the pressure of raising a child pushed him to the decision of killing them all.
The police have found the couple married in April 2008 but divorced in December 2013 after they had the daughter and she had got Korean citizenship.
The woman won full custody and did not accept support from Cho. She then married a Vietnamese man.
Cho had been visiting his daughter every two weeks, and police suspect that the deaths happened during one such visit last weekend, after he had forced the two to leave their home.
Forensic tests are set to be done. No information about the woman’s husband is available.
Thousands of Vietnamese women have married South Korean men in the past two decades, many driven by poverty to enter into agreements with marriage brokers to wed older Korean men, hoping for an easier life.
But many have died tragic deaths, usually due to conflicts arising from cultural differences.


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