Vietnamese woman assaults Singapore men over in-flight dispute

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A Vietnamese woman physically attacked two Singapore men on a flight to Singapore last week, accusing the latter of having started the conflict.

Singapore newspapers Thursday said the woman, in her late 20s and studying at a Singapore's private school, attacked Yeo Chia Keat and his friend Chua Teck Kwang, both 37, after a dispute over seats on a Tiger Airways flight from Ho Chi Minh City.

Chua told the media that Yeo had accidentally hit the seat of the woman's mother in front of him when stretching his leg an hour into the flight.

Yeo's wife also disturbed the woman when taking out a magazine and some bread stored inside the pouch at the back of the woman's seat.

The woman and her mother glared angrily at them and scolded them in a mixture of Vietnamese and English for a while before the woman began adjusting her seat backward and forward in order to irritate the Yeos, who did not respond, Chua said.

He said real violence started after the flight landed at 5:20 p.m. (Singapore time) when Yeo approached the woman and told her that she and her mother could complain to the police if they were unhappy about what happened.

With further anger, the woman began hitting Yeo in the head with her hand-carried luggage and scratched Chua with her nails when he intervened, causing his forehead to bleed.

The wives of the Singaporeans had asked police to stop the women when the aircraft landed. But the woman just went straight to the police, accusing the men of hitting her mother and exposing her bra to accuse the men of molesting her.

"As an undergraduate, how can she be so unreasonable?" Chua said in a Tr Emeritus report on March 22.

Yeo and Chua were flying back to Singapore after a 7-day holiday tour in Vietnam with their wives and kids.

It is not available if the police are investigating the case.

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