Vietnamese woman arrested in compatriot's murder in Thailand

TN News

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Thai police arrested a Vietnamese woman Thursday for her alleged involvement in the murder and dismemberment of a Vietnamese man one day earlier, the Bangkok Post reported.

Tran Thi Nhung, 21, was arrested at the Saraburi bus terminal in Muang district, Saraburi Province.

She had been wanted by Bangkok police in connection with the murder of a Vietnamese man identified as Hoang Trong Hung, 32, in Bangkok's Bang Phlat district, according to police.

The man was killed in a room in an apartment building in Bang Phlat district on Wednesday. His hands and feet were tied. He had been stabbed to death and then dismembered.

Some of his severed body parts were found stuffed in a garbage bin in the bathroom, while others were found in a dumpster in front of the apartment.

Police checked security camera footage which captured images of the suspects, and interviewed witnesses before seeking warrants for the four suspects, including Nhung.

The other suspects are Tran Thanh Lam, 27, Nhung's brother, and an unidentified man and woman.

Nhung denied taking part in the murder, but told police the victim had led an extortion gang that preyed on Vietnamese nationals working in Thailand. Allegedly, they raped women and cut men's fingers off if they resisted the gang's extortion efforts.

She told police she did not know if her brother was involved in the gang.

Police have charged Nhung with conspiring in Hung's murder and destroying his body.

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