Vietnamese truck driver denies attacking traffic cop on highway

By Cong Nguyen, Thanh Nien News

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A truck driver who was arrested for allegedly attacking a traffic policeman on a Ho Chi Minh City highway earlier this week insisted that he did not attack the officer.
Nguyen Bao Toan, the 37-year-old driver, has been taken into police custody, District 9’s police said Wednesday.
According to the police, on Monday, Toan drove his truck on the wrong lane on the Hanoi Highway in District 9 and was spotted by officer Vo Van Thoai. 
Thoai said he signaled Toan to stop but the driver ignored the request and kept driving. 
The officer chased after Toan on a police motorbike. Toan stopped the truck and started attacking Thoai, the latter said.
After Toan was arrested, someone posted a video on the internet, showing Thoai holding Toan's leg, apparently to prevent him from running.
After a while, Toan managed to wriggle away and jumped into the truck’s cabin. He then sat in there.
Toan told the police he refused to stop in the beginning because he did not violate any traffic rules and was wrongfully accused of driving on the wrong lane.
He also denied attacking Thoai, saying Thoai chased after him and hit him on the hip.
An eyewitness told Thanh Nien she saw the driver and the cop having a fight after the cop caught up with the driver.
She said the driver looked very angry.
“I wonder what the cop had said to the driver that made him so mad,” she said.
The police said Toan did not test positive for drugs or alcohol.
Thanh Nien tried to contact Thoai's traffic police team for a comment about the video but could not.

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