Vietnamese tortures daughter for a month to force his wife to come back

By Nguyen Phuc, Thanh Nien News

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10-year-old Hoang Thi Nhi Linh is under treatment at a hospital in Quang Tri Province after her own father beaten her to force her mother to come back to him. Photo: Nguyen Phuc 10-year-old Hoang Thi Nhi Linh is under treatment at a hospital in Quang Tri Province after her own father beaten her to force her mother to come back to him. Photo: Nguyen Phuc


Police in the central province of Quang Tri have released a man, allegedly tortured his daughter while holding her hostage in an odd attempt to win back her mother -- his wife, a day after summoning him to report the case at the police station.
The Cam Lo District police summoned Hoang Xuan Tuan, 32, on Wednesday, after they were reported that  the man had kept his daughter for a month and made her left arm broken while throwing her in a well.
Tuan reportedly traveled south after that he was released on Thursday.
Major Nguyen Thanh Long, deputy chief of Cam Lo District police, said relevant agencies are examining Tuan's daughter Hoang Thi Nhi Linh's injuries.
"When the injury percentage is subjected to criminal charges (i.e. at least 11 percent), we will issue a warrant against Tuan if he flees," he told Thanh Nien on Saturday.
His 10-year-old daughter meanwhile is still staying at a hospital in Quang Tri with multiple injuries.
Her left arm broke from one time he threw her down the floor. She had some blood in one eye due to a razor cut. Her face is swollen and there are bruises all over her butts which she earned from his caning with an iron bar. Police have seized a bar.
The mother Le Thi Hai, who came back to Cam Lo District on Friday (May 29) from southern province of Dong Nai, said she got married to Tuan in 2004 and they had their daughter, Linh, a year later.
But since then Tuan has become cruel and used to beat his wife frequently so Hai had to move to the southern region with her daughter.
Hai met Tuan again in Ho Chi Minh City three years later and decided to return to Cam Lo District together with her husband, who begged her to give him a chance.
But the man later continued behaving cruelly to his wife and even his child so Hai again left for some southern localities, including Binh Phuoc and Dong Nai.
When Linh was seven years old, Hai sent the little girl to her elder brother's family in the northern province of Thanh Hoa as she went to work in Dong Nai Province.
In the past years Tuan came looking for Hai, but she kept switching phone numbers and addresses to avoid him.
So the 32-year-old father went to her hometown. He picked up his daughter on her way from school on April 22 and brought her straight to his hometown Quang Tri.
The little girl said she was beaten every single day.
“I begged him to stop and he just beat me more.”
After one week, he locked her completely indoor, sometimes leaving her starved for the whole day.
More than ten days ago, a relative of Tuan came by and sneaked a cell phone for the girl to talk to her mother.
Tuan found out and forced the girl to give him the woman’s number but she refused.
So he threw her to a well of three meters deep at the backyard. The girl luckily grasped a rope and climbed up, only to receive more beatings for the phone number.
“He said he’s going to torture me until my mother came back to him,” the girl said, crying.
Hai said she did not imagine things could become that bad.
She said she always knows that Tuan is fierce and she had thought that “even a fierce tiger doesn’t eat its cub.”
Although her family had informed the police immediately after the girl did not come home from school, no one ever looked into Tuan’s whereabouts to check until some of his neighbors informed.
Local officials excused that Tuan usually closed his door and never talked to anyone, so they could hardly know what was going on.

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