Vietnamese teen loses finger after failing to pay gambling debt in Cambodia

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Police in the Mekong Delta province of Long An are investigating a case where a young man allegedly had his finger cut off by gangsters and sent to his family to demand ransom after he lost money gambling in Cambodia.

The VnExpress newswire reported that on Friday, Vo Thi Biet of Tan Hung District reported to the police that her son Nguyen Huu Tinh had left for Cambodia to gamble two months ago.

Tinh, 18, borrowed VND40 million from gangsters but lost it gambling at the Las Vegas casino in Bavet, Svay Rieng Province.

After Tinh returned to Vietnam, he hid in another house to avoid being found by Viet, an employee of the casino, who came to his house to collect the money owed.

In early December, Tinh and his girlfriend went to Cambodia again. Several days later, Biet received a phone call asking her to bring VND66 million to Cambodia in exchange for her son's freedom.

The family could not afford the ransom. On Dec 14, they received a plastic packet with Tinh's finger inside, along with a note saying they must pay VND73 million or Tinh will be taken to China and his internal organs sold.


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Biet and a relative took a bus to Cambodia and paid the ransom for Tinh's release.

Tinh said he had been detained in a room with other Vietnamese men who had lost gambling at the casino.

One of the men had his ear cut off , he said.

Long An police have said they will work with their Cambodian counterparts to investigate the case.

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