Vietnamese teen gets life for murder

TN News

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A 19 year old in Ho Chi Minh City received a life sentence Thursday for killing a person who complained about the way he was pouring rice wine into glasses during a bout of drinking.


Vo Van Thanh stabbed to death a man named Thanh Em as they drank together one night at Thanh's house in Cu Chi District in August, 2010, the Nguoi Lao Dong reported.


Em had complained about receiving less wine than others when Thanh was doing the pouring, according to the indictment heard at HCMC People's Court.


So Thanh went to the toilet, managed to get a knife and hid it in his pant pocket.


When he returned to the table, Em was still complaining. Thanh stabbed him in the chest and Em die on the way to hospital.


Thanh gave himself up two days after the incident, which saved himself from the death sentence, the indictment said.


Nguyen Cong Thanh, a 27 year old man who was also drinking, received a 12 month probation for giving his motorbike to the killer to get away.


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