Vietnamese students gets $90,000 in lawsuit against US cops

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A Vietnamese student in California has been paid US$90,000 in compensation for being violently beaten up by police officers two years ago, according to a BBC report.

Last year, 22-year-old Ho Quang Phuong, a student of the San Jose State University, filed a lawsuit in the city's federal court against the local police, claiming damages worth $6 million for excessive use of force and violence.

On September 3, 2009, four police officers of the San Jose Police Department (SJPD) used a stun gun and baton to repeatedly hit an unarmed Phuong on suspicion of brandishing a deadly weapon and allegedly resisting arrest.

Earlier, Phuong had allegedly threatened to kill one of his roommates with a steakknife during a dinner time altercation.

During the arrest, another roommate secretly used a cellphone to videotape Phuong's arrest as he was beaten up by police officers.


Vietnamese student sues San Jose police for excessive violence

The video clip, which was later posted on the internet and used during investigations and court proceedings, showed the police using baton and taser on a handcuffed Phuong.

The SJPD suspended the four police officers and opened investigations into the beating after they received the video clip.

The police department plans to work with a local Vietnamese radio station to provide legal counseling for the Vietnamese community.

"I wish other Vietnamese students in the US never face anything like this," Phuong said.

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