Vietnamese sailors stuck in Indonesia ask for help

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The crew of Vietnamese ship Sail 36, which belongs to Ho Chi Minh City -based Hai Thanh Shipping Co., has written to Thanh Nien seeking help after being detained by Indonesian authorities for more than four months.

The ship, which left Vietnam on December 2, 2008, arrived at Indonesia’s Nabire Port on February 17, 2009 and has been kept there by Indonesian authorities since.

Speaking to Thanh Nien Tuesday, a Hai Thanh Company representative said, “An Indonesian client rented the ship with 36 Vietnamese sailors on board but he didn’t comply with all the local regulations there.

“Now, we are not able to contact the Indonesian client. We have sent necessary documents to the client but have not received a reply,” he said.

“We have asked Vietnam’s Foreign Affairs Ministry and concerned agencies for help and have also hired an attorney to do what is required to release the ship,” he added.

All the 36 sailors are fine and have received regular salaries. They have to stay with the ship because it requires all of them to operate it, the Hai Thanh representative said.

Reported by Quang Thuan

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