Vietnamese population aging, study finds

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The percentage of Vietnamese aged below 15 has plunged in the last two decades while the proportion of those aged 60 or above has risen, the latest census released by the General Statistics Office has found.

The proportion of those aged under 15, the working age in Vietnam, accounted for 23.9 percent as of April 1, 2012, down from 39.2 percent in 1989, due to population control policies and the resultant reduction in birth rates, it said.

The proportion of the 60-64 age group went up to 10.2 from 7.1 percent, and that of people aged 65 and above to 7.1 from 4.7 percent, the census said, adding that the population has been aging "quite fast" in the last two decades.

In 1979, when the first census was done after Vietnam's reunification, the under-15 group had accounted for 41.8 percent of the population.

The country's population as of April 1 was 88.53 million after rising by more than 1 percent in the previous year.

The sex ratio at birth has remained skewed for the last 23 years, peaking at 112.3 last year.

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