Vietnamese police worry about gun-shaped iPhone case

By Ngoc Le, Thanh Nien News

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Images posted on the Facebook page of Ocean County Prosecutor's Office to persuade people to stop using the new iPhone case that looks exactly like a handgun, to save themselves from trouble with police.
Local vendors are promoting a new iPhone case that looks and even sounds like a handgun, and police are worried it could trigger crimes and lead to violent tragedies. 
Many websites in Vietnam are advertising the case, which has a trigger guard and handle, at between VND150,000-180,000 (US$7) apiece.
A man from the northern port city of Hai Phong, who is selling the cases online, said he gets his supplies from Hong Kong.
The man said he is one of a few providers of the phone case in Vietnam.
With its "unique design and fine quality," he said, “the case is the best seller now.”
Nguyen Nam Hao, an investigator at the Ministry of Public Security, said that even police will not be able to tell the case from a real gun easily, especially at night.
“People can use the case to scare others for robbery or illegal debt recovery.”
“It will easily create crimes,” he said.
Hao said the government should categorize the new product as a violent toy to ban it. 
Amazon recently pulled the cases from its site after police in the US said it was not a good idea and it only made their job more difficult, which could result in a person getting shot because police thought they were holding a real gun. 

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