Vietnamese nationals tried in Dubai for kidnapping man

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Three Vietnamese women kidnapped a man in Dubai in January and demanded 5,000 dirhams (US$1361) to set him free, according to a report on the Gulf Today website.
The Dubai Criminal Court held a hearing of the case on Monday, the report said.
The women, identified only as LT, 22, BT, 34 and TT, 25, promised to give him cash to lure the man, known as AH whose nationality was not revealed, to a building in the Dubai International City on Jan. 17.
When the man was in the building, the three women “clenched his arms” and dragged him into one apartment where another Vietnamese man, NB, 32, threatened to cut off the victim’s arm if he failed to pay 5,000 dirham, the report said.
Due to the lack of a Vietnamese translator, the court adjourned the hearing till April 27, the report said.
Of the kidnapping suspects, the women were salespeople, and the man was a security guard, the report said.
Local police arrested the suspects later the same day after being tipped off by AH’s friends, it said.

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