Vietnamese ministry scraps results of 'fixed' civil service exam

By Manh Quan, Thanh Nien News

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade announced Wednesday it had scrapped the results of a civil service entrance exam after police announced that the questions had been leaked to a group of “princelings."
Last October, the Department of Market Management held the exam to select 10 employees. A total 299 candidates took the exam.
After the results were announced, the ministry received written complaints that the questions had been leaked in advance; the complaints noted that the ten individuals selected for the posts were all related to individuals that currently hold high positions in the department.
Police from the Ministry of Public Security were invited to investigate and found that three candidates received test questions in advance.
The ministry’s Party Unit said members of the exam's organizing committee were at fault for failing to properly supervise the exam process. The unit called for the strict punishment of all those involved.

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