Vietnamese men go metrosexual

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Vietnamese men are more interested in personal care products than they are in new beer brands, according to a survey conducted by Ho Chi Minh City-based researcher The Nielsen Company Vietnam.

The survey pointed out that male grooming was a growing trend in Vietnam, with many men, especially young men aged 15-24, placing more importance on their appearance.

"Men are becoming more sophisticated in their personal care needs and we are seeing a shift in interest for what [were]

traditionally viewed as "˜female' products," Catherine Eddy, executive director of The Nielsen Company Vietnam, said in a statement.

600 male and female respondents in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and other areas said that appearance was important for them, mainly because they want to be respected by others and feel confident when meeting people.

Vietnam's new "metrosexuals" males with enough disposable cash to feed an intense interest in personal care products and grooming are providing a great opportunity for personal care product makers in Vietnam, they may be wasting their time.

Women ranked appearance third when it comes to the most attractive factors about members of the opposite sex, after personality and success/career. Men placed appearance second to personality.

The study said that women used clothes (97 percent), perfume (79 percent), shoes (64 percent), jewelry/accessories (55 percent), and personal care products (53 percent) to attract men.

Men said they used clothes (97 percent), mobile phones (95 percent), shoes (87 percent), motorbikes (82 percent), personal care products (56 percent) to attract women, indicating that males may be spending far more trying to attract members of the opposite sex than women.

The results also showed that with success/career as the number two factor drawing women to men, males may be using status symbols to peacock for women.

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