Vietnamese man sentenced to 4 years for robbing foreigner

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A court in the central province of Nghe An Wednesday sentenced a man to four years in jail for snatching a bag from a foreign woman earlier this year.

Nguyen Van Sy, 25, was caught by local residents on July 7 after he grabbed a bag from a French woman's bicycle in the provincial capital Vinh. She had parked the bike to open her front door.

Sy fled on a motorbike, and two passers-by, hearing the woman's screams, caught him after a chase of nearly two kilometers.

Police found the bag containing a cell phone and VND440,000 (US$21) in cash.

It was Sy's third robbery after he lost his job at a local advertising agency sometime earlier.

He had robbed two others in June and early July also by snatching bags from their bikes when they were off guard. He had borrowed his brother's motorbike for his schemes.

The court said Sy did not only steal others' properties, but also threatened their health and life.

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