Vietnamese man says wildlife products advertised on his Facebook are fake

By Pham Duc-Manh Cuong, Thanh Nien News

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Some photos that Ho Minh Chinh posted on his Facebook page Some photos that Ho Minh Chinh posted on his Facebook page


A man in Nghe An Province who advertised wildlife parts and bear bile on his Facebook page for sale has told the police that all the products were fake.
Ho Minh Chinh, 24, of Quynh Luu District turned himself in on Monday, two days after the police searched his house and found five kilograms of dog bones and two kilograms of dog teeth. 
Chinh was not home at the time.
He caught the attention of forest protection authorities after he posted photos of what he called tiger bones, teeth and skin on his Facebook page between December 16 and 20, 2015.
Chinh told police he uploaded the photos of slaughtered tigers and bears found on the Internet and photoshopped them before posting them on his Facebook page.
He also bought dog teeth and silverplated them and then advertised them as tiger teeth.
He wrote on his Facebook page that he would slaughter a 200-kilogram tiger and called on people to buy its parts and bone glue.
In fact, he bought dog bones and planned to cook them into glue, according to the police.
On December 31, he posted the photo of a slaughtered large bear and his mobile number and address for those who wanted to buy its parts and bile.
There was also a photo of him extracting bile from a bear kept in a cage. It was actually taken during his trip to a bear farm in Quang Ninh Province last year.
After the police visited his house, all the photos were removed.
Colonel Tran Thang Long, police chief of Quynh Luu District, said Chinh would be fined VND1-2 million (US$44-88) for posting photos of protected animals for commercial purposes.
If the products were genuine, he may have faced criminal charges.
Several months ago, Chinh was arrested but released soon later by Hanoi police for trading “tiger teeth” which were actually dog teeth.

Some wild animal products like tiger bone glue and bear bile are usually sought after as people believe they have health benefits. Tiger teeth are used as jewelry.

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