Vietnamese man probed for advertising wild animals on Facebook

By Pham Duc, Thanh Nien News

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Some photos that Ho Minh Chinh posted on his Facebook page Some photos that Ho Minh Chinh posted on his Facebook page


Police in the north-central province of Nghe An said they are searching for a man who advertised wildlife parts and bear bile on his Facebook page for sale.
Ho Minh Chinh, 24, of Quynh Luu District caught the attention of forest protection authorities after he posted photos of what he called tiger bones and skin on his Facebook page between December 16 and 20, 2015.
He wrote that he would slaughter a 200-kilogram tiger and called on people to buy its parts and bone glue.
On December 31, he posted the photo of a slaughtered large bear and his mobile number and address for those who wanted to buy its parts and bile.
There was a photo of him extracting bile from a bear kept in a cage.
The man also said he had other wild animals such as king cobras and eagles to sell.
A photo shows Chinh extracting bear bile.
On Saturday, a team of local forest protection officers came to his house. He was not home.
The officers only found 5 kilograms of dog bones and 2 kilograms of dog teeth in the house.
Chinh’s parents told the officers the family did not slaughter and sell wild animal parts as he advertised on Facebook.
“He may have used the photos he uploaded from the internet,” his father named Quy said.
Local authorities also confirmed the family did not sell bear bile or slaughter wild animals and said they were “very surprised” with what Chinh advertised on his Facebook page.

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