Vietnamese man killed in Brisbane flooding

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A man of Vietnamese origin was among 15 people killed by the floods in Brisbane, Queensland, a Vietnamese official in Australia has said.


The man has only been identified as being middle-aged and having been living in Brisbane for two years, said Phan Van Danh, vice chairman of Vietnam Business Association in Australia.


Danh also said the flood has destroyed all the property and farms of Vietnamese people in the Gale and Goona regions.


There're around 15,000 Vietnamese people living in Queensland but most stay at the Inala region which was not hit by the flooding.


Australia authorities have estimated that 61 people are missing. More than 100,000 houses, 5,000 business facilities, roads and wharfs were destroyed.


The flood left 67 cities in the north of Queensland under water and swept many vehicles to the sea.


Australian social welfare agency Center Link has supported each adult victim with AUD1,000 and each child victim with AUD400. But it is estimated that tens of billions of dollars will be needed to rebuild the place after the flooding.


Officials said the flood has been more devastating than the record floods in 1974.


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