Vietnamese man investigated for torturing daughter

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A father in the northern province of Hai Duong was arrested Wednesday for allegedly torturing his own daughter.

Nguyen Doan Thang, 30, confessed to police that he usually whipped his 6-year-old daughter anytime his wife, who is the girl's step mother, told him she was distracted from her studies, Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper reported.

Thang also admitted to having put his daughter in a bag and dipping half of it into a pond to scare her several times "when she misbehaved."

On one occasion late last month he took her into a cemetery in the middle of the night and left her there as he was angry because his parents knew about the abuse and also the girl's teacher. People found her and called his wife Ngo Thi Hue to bring her home.

The daughter, Nguyen Minh Thuong, wears bruises and scars all over her body, including zig zags around her neck that the girl said resulted from the step mother's strangling her. She's been in constant panic.

Thuong was checked up on by her teacher but she always lied by saying she was sick or fell herself, as the step mother had told her to do so.

Nguyen Doan Tron, father of Thang, said he was informed by the teacher of Thuong's injuries and he had come to the house and found the granddaughter in poor shape.

Tron learned the abuse story from the neighbors. They said that Thuong usually suffered a fever as she never received treatment for a broken rib, which the father denied responsibility for.

Thang and Hue both said the abuse was all from Thang, but Thuong said besides the strangling, the step mother also whipped her several times.

The family said Thang and his first wife divorced in 2009 after having two children together. He asked for custody of Thuong, the younger child, after remarrying Hue, who has given him a child of eight months old.

Vietnamese laws rule that abusers of family members are punishable by up to three years in jail.

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