Vietnamese man found dead in Thailand

TN News

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Thai police found the dead body of a Vietnamese man Wednesday in a garbage can in an apartment building in Bangkok.


The man in his forties had his hands and legs tied up and his head covered with a plastic bag.


Some of his severed body parts were found stuffed in a garbage bin in the bathroom, while others were found in a dumpster in front of the apartment.

He also had several stab wounds on his back, belly and face.

The apartment's security guard said the man had been living with a Thai woman, who came to borrow some wrappers from the guard, taking them upstairs to their apartment at around 3 a.m. Wednesday.

The guard saw her accompanied by two men to the room at around 8 a.m. and suspecting something was amiss, followed them. The three fled the scene immediately.


The guard entered the room and found the corpse in the garbage bin in the bathroom. 

Thai police are still investigating. A source said the man had been doing business with a group of Thais with which he had been involved in conflicts that allegedly led to his murder.


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