Vietnamese man found dead in Taiwan river

TN News

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Taiwanese police are investigating the death of a Vietnamese man whose body was found floating on a local river, Taiwan's Central News Agency has reported.


On Tuesday, a road maintenance worker spotted the body on the river near the Central Cross-Island Highway in eastern Taiwan's Hualien County and called police to the scene.


Initial examinations showed a six-centimeter wound on the dead man's forehead, police said, adding that he might have died several hours earlier.


Police found a health insurance card and an alien resident certificate in his bag, which identified the man as Nguyen Thuc Chin of Vietnam.


In other news, Taiwanese police reported that a Vietnamese migrant worker fled Taoyuan International Airport on April 15 shortly before he was scheduled to take a Vietnam Airlines flight to Hanoi.


They said the 21-year-old man skipped the flight to stay in Taiwan illegally, police said.


The man had been escorted to the airport by an employment broker because his labor contract had expired.


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