Vietnamese man asks police to protect him from wife's assaults

By Le Van, Thanh Nien News

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A man in the southern province of Long An has sought police help against his wife, who he said habitually beat him up for drinking.
The police said the 44-year-old man has filed a petition complaining about “various instances of abuse” by his wife, 42, a worker at a local industrial zone.
They include three incidents this month when his wife hit him on the head for drinking, and one time in the middle of last year when she hit him with a chain and injured him so badly he could not go to work for a while.
In the latest incident, on September 16, when she came home from work and smelled alcohol on him, she berated him, hit him with a cane and ordered him to leave the house, he said.
He said he apologized but she did not listen, and he had to go to his mother’s house for the day.
According to neighbors, he is a good man who only drinks with some friends after work.
The police have summoned the wife to counsel the couple.

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