Vietnamese man arrested for smuggling tiger in Thailand

TN News

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Thai police on Wednesday arrested one Vietnamese and one Thai after they found the carcasses of two tigers, one panther and one fishing cat in a house in the suburbs of Bangkok.

The Vietnamese man, Ho Xuan Nhat, and Thai national Chawinthorn Thongtin were nabbed at a rented house in Khan Na Yao district.

Police raided the house following a tip-off that the frozen carcasses were being carried into Thailand from Malaysia via the Sadao checkpoint in the southern Thai border province of Songkhla, and were being kept at the house while en route to China via Laos and Vietnam.

The suspects told police that they were hired by a Vietnamese to drive the carcasses to Laos.

They previously drove to collect the contraband from Songkhla and brought the carcasses to the house, where they had planned to have another man carry them to the northeastern province of Nong Khai, which borders Laos.

They said they were paid 8,000 Thai baht (US$255) for each trip and there were normally three trips per month. Drinking-water bottles were used to cover the carcasses to avoid police at checkpoints.

If convicted, the two men will be sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for the illegal trade of wildlife.

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