Vietnamese man arrested for shoplifting at Bangkok mall

TN News

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Thai police arrested a Vietnamese man on Sunday for allegedly shoplifting at a Bangkok shopping mall.


Vu Ngoc Cuong, 33, from Hai Phong City was arrested in front of a Central World department store with several bags containing nearly 200 stolen items worth more than 200,000 baht (US$6,800).


Cuong was working with two other Vietnamese suspects, Pathumwan police said.


The two a man and a woman used foil bags to cover the theft prevention devices attached to the merchandise they stole.


This prevented the alarm from sounding when they left the store.


The two shoplifters entered and exited the store many times with stolen clothes as Cuong oversaw the process from the front of the department store.


As their acts were captured by security cameras, a shop employee reported them to the police.


When police arrived at the scene, the two suspects fled, escaping arrest.


Cuong told Thanh Nien he came to Thailand on March 22. Two compatriots Ban and Phuc convinced him to help them steal the clothes, which they planned sell in Vietnam, offering to pay him for his help.


Thai police have dismissed Cuong's testimony as untrustworthy and are searching for the two other suspects.

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