Vietnamese, Laotian forces stop 10.5 kilos of drugs at border

TN News

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Border guards in the northern central province of Nghe An on Thursday said they had busted a ring trafficking 10.5 kilograms of heroin from Laos into Vietnam.


The guards said they and Laotian police caught three drug traffickers, one Vietnamese and two Laotian men on Tuesday. The three said the heroin was to be consumed in Vietnam.


One of the arrested, Lau Giong Xu, 42, was from Nghe An but has lived in a neighbouring Laotian province for a while. Two others Va Pha, 28, and Va Thong, 30, both come from Laos' Xiengkhuang Province.


Forces had been tracking the group for a month. Police said this was the biggest bust by Laotian and Vietnamese forces together, the Ngoi Sao news website said Friday.


Vietnam Border Guard High Command has sent complimentary notes to forces in both countries and has awarded them with cash, the website reported.

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