Vietnamese illegal workers warned as Thailand tightens security after bomb attack

By Lam Yen, Thanh Nien News

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Thousands of Vietnamese people who are working illegally in Thailand on travel visas may be affected as the country tightened security after the Bangkok bomb blast last month.
Thai police recently announced that a key suspect in the deadly Bangkok blast paid a US$600 bribe to illegally enter Thailand.
Adem Karadag, one of two suspects arrested in connection with the August 17 attack, said he traveled through Vietnam to a neighboring country where he then paid for transportation, AFP quoted Thai police chief Somyot Poompunmuang as saying.
Karadag bribed $600 to cross into Thailand, according to Thai police, without revealing the identity of the official who took the bribe.
Following the investigation, Thai authorities have tightened security and restricted the renewal of travel visas for foreigners at borders.
According to Thanh Nien sources, two Thai borders gates in Ban Laem and Nong Khai currently stop renewing visas for foreigners. The gates reportedly attracted many Vietnamese workers who entered Thailand on travel visas and then overstayed for various jobs. 
The Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand has repeatedly warned Vietnamese nationals not to illegally stay and work in the country.

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