Vietnamese gangster caught hiding in China

TN News

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Police in northern Vietnam have cooperated with Interpol Vietnam and Chinese counterparts to arrest a notorious gangster allegedly responsible for a wave of violence since 2008.


Mai Duc Vuong, 30, was caught Monday while hiding in China with three of his men and two guns, police in Hai Phong said Wednesday.


Vuong was a known gangster in the northern city, running different underworld businesses such as loan sharking, debt recovery, karaoke parlors, football gambling and a hit-man operation.


Besides his home town Hai Phong, Vuong offered the services to many cities and provinces across the country.


His armed men, who would wear face masks and drive motorbikes without number plates, were willing to kill anyone hindering the businesses if they were ordered, the police said.


Since 2008, Vuong has been involved in six major crimes, five of which saw him accused of murder, the police said.


Police have launched further investigations to look for more people involved.


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