Vietnamese gang busted in Poland

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Polish police have arrested 28 members of an alleged Vietnamese organized crime gang involved in tax evasion and forgery following a year-long investigation, the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita reported.

The arrests by the Polish Internal Security Agency, or ABW, were made on September 1 in Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Ukraine.

The police also seized thousands of accounting documents as well as about 15 million zloty in cash (US$4.8 million).

According to the ABW, the gang has been tricking the treasury out of huge sums of unpaid taxes.

They falsified invoice values for shipments of goods ranging from electronic gadgets to clothing to household appliances, and typically claimed that products were a tenth of their actual value.

The goods were sold on for vast profits.

According to the Rzeczpospolita, the gang has been active since at least 2008. They mainly operated in Poland and the Czech Republic, using the port city of Hamburg, Germany, as funnel for their exports.

The gang leader is said to be a Vietnamese man who mostly lived in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. He is reported to have dozens of properties across Ukraine, as well as a fleet of luxury cars.

The identities of 28 gang members were not revealed. Further investigations into the gang are ongoing.

An estimated 50,000 Vietnamese are living and working in Poland, according to the Rzeczpospolita.

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