Vietnamese gamblers rescued from kidnappers in Cambodia

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Vietnamese police on Tuesday rescued a 19-year-old youth who had one of his fingers chopped off and sent to his parents in order to threaten them to repay money he lost gambling in Cambodia.

Nguyen Minh Tan, 19, was found in a locked apartment, along with Han Loi, a Cambodian man who was in charge of guarding gambling losers, in Bavet Commune, Svay Rieng Province.

Vietnamese police arrested Han Loi and confiscated a knife and chopping board believed to be used to cut off the fingers of gamblers to be sent to their families for demanding ransom.

The police planned the rescue for two Vietnamese gamblers Tan and Truong Toan on July 17 after their families reported that they had received fingers of their sons in letters sent from Cambodia, demanding ransom to get their sons back.

The kidnappers got wind of the fact that police were searching for the Vietnamese men and sent Toan back to Vietnam, but kept Tan in the apartment.

Toan was detained in a house in Binh Phuoc Province until he escaped on July 19.


Families of gamblers mailed fingers in demand for ransom

Toan and Tan told the police they were locked in a room and beaten up by three people Han Loi, a Vietnamese woman named Hanh and her Cambodian husband named Huong after they lost money gambling in Cambodian casinos early this month.

The couple told them to call their families and asked for payment. When the families did not send the money, they ordered Han Loi to chop parts of the gamblers' fingers and send it to the families.

Police are continuing to investigate the case.

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