Vietnamese fined in Singapore for attempting to sell sex

TN News

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A Vietnamese woman in Singapore was fined more than US$500 at a hearings on Wednesday after being accused of attempting to sell her body after losing money at a casino, Singapore police said.

The woman, identified as Duong Linh Thao, 36, was reported to have propositioned Rames Algasamy, 50, for 200 Singapore dollars ($150) on September 11. But the man is a guard at Marina Bay Sands casino where she was playing and he reported to the police.

Thao was charged under a group of public disorder violations, in which first-time violations carry fines up to 1,000 Singapore dollars ($747).

The gambler entered Singapore using a tourism visa. Singapore Immigration Department sent her back to Vietnam after she paid the fine.

Singapore has legalized prostitution in its infamous red-light district, Geylang, where women of all races, ages and nationalities stand along the road waiting to be purchased by passing men.

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