Vietnamese farmer found dead in Cambodian rice field

TN News

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A Vietnamese man was found dead on a paddy field in a Cambodian province bordering Vietnam on Thursday, Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper reported.

Vietnamese farmers doing farmwork on the paddy field in Koh Thum District, Kandal Province, discovered the dead body of Luong Van Nep, 33, hailing from the Mekong Delta province of An Giang, with multiple injuries

The field is only 20 meters away from the border with Vietnam.

According to the farmers, Nep and two Cambodian men, introduced by Nep as his nephews, previously visited the duck farm of Dang Van Nhau, a Vietnamese farmer, in Koh Thum.

Nep brought 1.5 liters of rice wine with him. The four then drank the wine with boiled eggs.

After a while, Nhau left the group to continue his working on the paddy field.

Nep and his nephews went to a nearby eatery to drink, witnesses said.

No further details about he case, either about the nature of injuries on Nep's body or about the whereabouts of his nephews.

Police in An Giang Province are working with Cambodian police in investigating the death.

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