Vietnamese family fatally electrocuted

TN News

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Three members of a family were electrocuted to death at their house in the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu Sunday, Vietnam News Agency reported.

The accident happened at around 12:30 p.m. at the residence of Tran Quoc Nhu, 27, of Phuoc Long District.

Nhu reportedly climbed a ladder to bring an iron sheet to his neighbor Tran Minh Duong, who was fixing the roof of Nhu's house.

After Nhu climbed off the ladder, he touched the tin wall of the house and fell unconscious due to electrocution.

Duong jumped to the ground to help and was also electrocuted upon touching Nhu.

Nguyen Kim Duoc, Nhu's 29-year-old wife, and Tran Van Nhan, Nhu's 32-year-old brother, rushed to the site but they were electrocuted as their bare feet touched the wet floor.

Duong, who had recovered from the electric shock, screamed for help. After hearing his cry, a neighbor turned off a circuit breaker at his house from where Nhu connected electric wires to his house.

However, after the neighbor rushed to Nhu's house, Nhu, Duoc and Nhan had died.

According to local police, Nhu hung up electric wires onto the tin-made wall and the wires were cut open by a sharp edge on the tin sheet.

The tin sheet was then electrified, which led to Nhu being electrocuted after touching it.

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