Vietnamese culture to be part of South Korea museum

TN News

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The National Children's Museum of South Korea will add a section of Vietnamese culture later this month to make Korean children more aware of the 90,000-strong Vietnamese community in the country.


"Hello Vietnam" is part of a project to explore the cultural traits of countries that have large communities living in South Korea. This year, the museum will also add a section about Mongolian culture.


Each section will showcase various items and multi-media data, stored in cabinets, that will provide visitors with information about the history, language, natural conditions, cuisine, daily customs, religions, music and entertainment of the countries.


The Vietnamese cabinet will tell the legends of banh chung and banh day, Vietnamese traditional cakes made of glutinous rice and served at Tet (the Lunar New Year holiday). A comic book and cartoon will bring the stories to life in both Vietnamese and Korean.


The exhibitions are expected to provide schools, other museums and cultural agencies with materials, and to eliminate cultural disagreements in Korean society.


Around 1.2 million Vietnamese live in South Korea. Vietnamese people make up the second largest community after China, with 35,000 Vietnamese women married to Korean men.

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