Vietnamese cops taken off street for beating citizens

Thanh Nien News

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Police in the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang have found two officers guilty of exhibiting “bad tempers” in their assault on a pair of drivers and pulled them off patrol.
Nguyen Chi Nguyen and Nguyen Minh Doan were transferred off the Thanh Tri District Traffic Squad after being found to have beaten two civilians in November, online newspaper Dat Viet quoted the department as saying on Saturday.
Another four officers were publicly censured for their involvement.
Thanh Tri police began investigating the beating after receiving a complaint lodged by Thai Nhat Truong.
Truong accused the traffic officers of beating him and his friend Ngo Nhat Truyen after they refused to submit to a brethalyzer exam on November 23.
He said the beating occurred at a restaurant where he and Truyen were drinking and continued at a local police station. The public fight was filmed by bystanders, one of whom later posted their video clip on the Internet.

A scene from a YouTube video of a fight between police and two men in Soc Trang Province.

According to Truong, the police showed up at the restaurant soon after he and Truyen had returned from escorting their friend home. He said before ordering the tests, the police checked their vehicle registrations and driving licenses.
Doctors later treated Truyen for a one-centimeter laceration to his mouth that bled profusely.
The departmental investigation concluded that the officers had observed Truong driving at high speed and tracked him and his passenger to the restaurant.
The report claimed the officers checked Truong’s papers and ordered him to submit to a breathalyzer in front of the restaurant--all of which they deemed legal.
From there, however, the officers failed to abide by the proper protocols.
Nguyen was found to have used excessive force in restraining Truong after he refused to follow orders. Meanwhile, Doan slapped Truyen’s face, after he began to verbally abuse the officers at the police station.

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