Vietnamese commits suicide in the Philippines

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A Vietnamese man in the Philippines killed himself after a compatriot refused to lend him money for plane fare back to Vietnam, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported Sunday.


Nguyen Tan Lap (age unknown) from the coastal city of Quy Nhon allegedly slashed his abdomen after a conversation.  


Lap was found in a pool of blood on a sidewalk in front of the West Central Elementary School in the City of Dagupan at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.


According to Christopher Abrahano, the city's police chief, Lap had met with fellow Vietnamese, Nguyen Thanh Thi, in her rented apartment opposite to the school minutes earlier.


Thi, a businesswoman, later told investigators that Lap came to borrow money for his fare back to Vietnam. But when Thi told him that she would be unable to help him, Lap withdrew a knife from his back pocket, slashed his abdomen and walked away.


Thi immediately called the police who, minutes later, arrived and took Lap to the nearby Cuison Family Hospital. Lap died at 3:40 p.m.


Abrahano said Lap arrived in the country on June 4 and was supposed to return to Vietnam on June 10. He said Lap had been going in and out of the country over the past few months.


Abrahano said Thi said she did not know Lap or why he was in Dagupan, but the police chief noted that they both hail from the town of Quy Nhon in central Vietnam's Binh Dinh Province.


The case is being investigated further.




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