Vietnamese businessman faces fine for sexually harassing flight attendants

Thanh Nien News

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Flight attendants on a Vietjet Air flight. Photo: Khanh An Flight attendants on a Vietjet Air flight. Photo: Khanh An


The Southern Airports Authority is considering a fine against a Vietnamese man for his inappropriate behavior on a domestic flight on Sunday. 
Local media reported that the 60-year-old man, director of a construction company in central Vietnam, requested to use the toilet on the Vietjet Air flight from Vinh to Ho Chi Minh City around noon. 
A flight attendant told him that he needed to wait because both toilets were occupied.
The passenger became angry and used his phone to smack the attendant's buttocks.
He then sat down and started slapping three other attendants in their buttocks with the phone. 
The pilot contacted security officers at Tan Son Nhat Airport and reported the case. 
After arriving at the Ho Chi Minh City airport, the passenger was escorted to the security office. He refused to sign a violation report and left. 
According to the Southern Airports Authority, the agency will still issue a fine against him. 

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