Vietnamese burned while on phone at gas station

TN News

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A man in Hanoi has been sent to the hospital with severe burns after talking on his cell phone at a gas station.


Vu Trong Khanh, 34, was still being treated at Saint Paul Hospital on Thursday, three days after the accident occurred, Tuoi Tre reported.                     


Khanh received a call when he was in the bathroom of the gas station. His body caught on fire immediately when he answered.


Doctors said burns covered 60 percent of his body, and there's high chance that his respiratory system was burned as well.


The man is the hospital's first burn case caused by cell phone use at gas station.


Researches have found out that high-frequency electric waves can collide and cause fire at gas stations due to high petroleum concentration in the air. People have been recommended not to use their cell phones near gas pumps.


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