Vietnamese boats held in fishing scam released

TN News

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Authorities in the Philippines Monday released seven boats of 122 fishermen who were acquitted of territorial waters violation charges in August.

The Vietnamese embassy in Manila said 34 of the fishermen who have been staying in the Philippines since they were released after a trial on August 26 will return to Vietnam on the boats Tuesday, captain Nguyen Xuan Mi told Thanh Nien.

The other 88 have already flown home after their release.

The fishermen were arrested on May 30 when they entered Filipino waters on a fishing contract with Ho Chi Minh City-based Long Hai Long. Filipino police found that the papers they presented upon arrival weren't legal.


The Vietnamese company had signed a contract with the Philippines-based Premiere International Interfishing to acquire fishing licenses for the fishermen.

However, the foreign company's representative, Kho Tho Min, has disappeared since the group was detained.

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