Vietnamese allegedly murdered by Taiwanese husband in no-son marriage

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Authorities in Taiwan arrested a man Monday on suspects that he murdered his former Vietnamese wife soon after divorcing her who failed to give him a son.

Pham Thi Thanh Truc, 29, was killed and thrown into the sea with rock tied to her body after the divorce trial on December 22, Taiwanese newspapers reported on Tuesday.

Truc, from the Mekong Delta's Tra Vinh Province, married Chen Li Sheng in 2003 through a broker. The marriage rapidly deteriorated after Truc gave birth to successive daughters, now 5 and 6, Nguoi Lao Dong reported. Chen wanted a son.

Truc became the victim of domestic violence. On three occasions, she asked local authorities for protection, landing the couple in court on December 22, at which point they were granted a divorce.

Truc's body was found the next day when her legs were seen floating in the water.


Family out of touch with Vietnamese bride trapped in Taiwan
Lin Chen Chou, an officer from the Taipei Economy and Culture Office in Ho Chi Minh City, said the office was informed of the matter and is cooperating with HCMC Foreign Affairs Department and its Vietnamese counterpart in Taiwan to provide necessary support.

Pham Thi Hoa, Truc's sister who visited Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper in HCMC upon hearing the Taiwanese news Tuesday, was instructed by the Taipei office to write a letter to the HCMC Foreign Affairs Department asking for support to go to Taiwan to receive the body.

Chou said his office will issue Hoa a Taiwanese visa as soon as she gets her passport.

Hoa told the Nguoi Lao Dong, "Truc got married with hopes that she could receive enough money to build our parents a house, so they would not have to live on a boat."

But her family only received VND5 million, which was not even enough to arrange for their relatives to attend the wedding in HCMC.

During nearly nine years of marriage, Truc returned home twice, reporting that her husband's family was also very poor and living in a rented home.

Her husband was a taxi driver, busy on the street all day and would beat her when he came home at night, Hoa said.

The sister recalled one time Truc called home saying, "If I knew I would be living like this, I'd have rather died."

Many Vietnamese women from poor families in the Mekong Delta have been enticed by brokers to marry Taiwanese and South Korean men, most of whom are either too old or too poor, or both, to marry a woman at home.

The marriages face severe challenges due to language barriers and cultural differences; very few, if any, Vietnamese women have received the fairy tale ending they sought.

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