Vietnam youths stir Facebook controversy for staged dog murder

By Nguyen Tu, Thanh Nien News

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The manager of a tourism company in the central city of Da Nang has pledged to punish employees who posted staged photos of themselves strangling a dog and smashing its head on a Facebook page they created bearing the company's name.
Chu Van Khiet, director of Hoa Phu Thanh Tourism Development Company, said he would punish his staff for posting the controversial pictures.
One of the photos that appeared on a Hoa Phu Thanh page on November 2 showed a young man grasping a small dog’s neck and raising it up with the description saying “It’s dead – feeling excited” accompanied by an emoticon.
Two other photos, also accompanied by words that roughly translated to “feeling excited,” showed two other men holding an improvised barbell over the animal's head. The men were dressed in uniform shirts.
The caption said they were killing the animal to make a dish for a VIP guest.
Many Facebookers shared the photos; some denounced them as abusive.
But many also commented that it was a joke and should not be taken seriously.
Khiet told Thanh Nien that the photos were first posted on an employee's Facebook page on October 14 and 16 to tease a female colleague (the dog's owner) while she was on vacation.
He also said the page was only established on October 31 and did not represent his company’s official site--the Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist page.
But he took responsibility for his employees' actions and said he would ask the three to remove the photos and post apologies on their Facebook pages.

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