Vietnam woman survives 3 days in flooded drain

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A 45-year-old woman in Ho Chi Minh City managed to stay alive for three days in a flooded drain after falling into it and becoming paralyzed, Tuoi Tre newspaper reported Saturday.

Bui Thi Ngoc Thu was found on March 7 at the foot of the Long Giang Xay Bridge in Can Gio District with most of her body under water and her head above it after she placed a bag under it.

Large ants and crabs were swarming all over her when she was found, and her legs and arms were swollen.

But Thu, an accountant at the Can Gio Court, was conscious. Her rescuers were quoted as saying that the place was very hot during the day and cold at night.

She was found in the afternoon when two women workers who were tending flowers nearby heard her feeble cries for help.

They then informed some local men who searched and found her.

She was rushed to hospital, where she was diagnosed with broken ribs and possible lifelong paralysis of the legs, Phap Luat TPHCM (HCMC Law) newspaper reported.

Doctors said Thu was "lucky" not to be bitten by "something."

Thu said she was on her way home from work on March 5 when a motorbike roared passed her, scaring her. She lost control and fell into the drain, and passed out.

When she regained consciousness, it was already dark.

She felt a headache and was unable to move her body which was totally submerged, with the water already rising to her chin.

She managed to grab her bag and place it under her head to keep it above water.

Besides the heat of day and cold of night, she also had to suffer from pain, hunger, thirst, and mosquitoes.

Tuoi Tre said after Thu could not be reached by phone her family reported to the police and rushed to local hospitals along with her colleagues to look for her.

The police searched for her in the area between Thu Duc District and Binh Thanh District from where she had made her last phone call.

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