Vietnam woman arrested for cruel public attack on love rival

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Police in Binh Duong Province's Thu Dau Mot Town on Monday arrested a woman, who along with her son, was caught on video publicly humiliating their neighbor in a vicious attack earlier this month.

The nearly five-minute clip posted online Saturday shows Le Thi Tuyet, 43, and her son Le Dinh Quy, 15, curse, assault and strip the clothing from N.T.B., 41, who Tuyet believed was having an affair with her husband. B. can be seen huddled helplessly in a ball on the ground, as Quy and his mother verbally and physically assault her as bystanders beg them to stop.

Witnesses said the merciless attack took place around 7 a.m. on April 16 outside Tuyet's home in Thu Dau Mot Town's Phu Hoa Ward. Although B. filed a complaint that same day, it was not until the clip surfaced online four days later that the police began their investigation.

Quy can be seen in the clip, which quickly went viral, grabbing B. by the hair as he repeatedly punched and kicked her face and body.

Quy also held the victim down in order for his mother to tear the clothing from her body; strangled B. with the strap of her motorbike helmet; and took turns with his mother photographing B. with a cell phone while the victim was naked.

Throughout the footage of the beating Tuyet and Quy can be heard shouting, "Make her lose face!"

When Tuyet was summoned by Thu Dau Mot Town police on April 22, she told them that her husband Le Dinh P. had spent the night of April 15 at B.'s house after having got drunk. She said she had asked her husband to return home but he refused, which prompted her and her son to attack B. the next morning.

Le Thi Tuyet, 43, at the Phu Hoa Ward police station
P., on the other hand, told Thanh Nien that when he came home drunk on April 15, his wife refused to let him in, so he went to sleep on a bench in front of the house next door, adding that he had already left for work early the next morning before the attack took place.

Quy was summoned by Phu Hoa Ward police and confessed to the attack. But at 15-years-old, he is too young to be held criminally liable for the charges his mother will likely face.

B., who divorced her husband last month, told Thanh Nien on Sunday that when she passed Tuyet's house, located around 50 meters from hers, on her way to work on the morning of April 16, Tuyet and her son pushed her motorbike off on the ground and commence their attack.

"After escaping [them], I went back home to put on some clothes and then went to the [Phu Hoa] ward police station to file a complaint," she said.

B. said that Tuyet has long suspected her of having an affair with P.

She told Dan Tri that P. had professed his love to her more than once, but that she had refused his overtures.

Tuyet said she also suspected that B. had encouraged P. to pawn the family's land use right certificate in order to pay for extramarital extravagances.

P. rejected that accusation, saying that he pawned the land use right certificate because he needed VND15 million (US$719) to cover legal fees resulting from a land dispute case.

Thanh Nien learned that Tuyet and P. have often had conflicts. P. told local media that he had submitted a divorce request to the local court which has yet to be approved because the couple has been unable to agree to a property settlement.

Police are also searching for whoever is responsible for videotaping the incident and posting it online, according to media reports.

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