Vietnam War photographer Page hospitalized in Hanoi

TN News

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Famous Vietnam War photo journalist Tim Page was hospitalized Sunday with a broken pelvis after falling in Hanoi.

Page, 66, took a false step in front of a hotel, local news website Dan Tri reported. He is being treated at the SOS International Hospital before being transferred to Thailand for surgery.

The British photographer made his name during the Vietnam War. One of his most famous works, Requiem, is a portfolio of work by combat photographers who died in Vietnam and Indochina.

Page joined the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan last year to photograph democratic and peace building efforts in the country. The mission calls him "one of the world's most renowned photographers."

"His career started in 1962 at the age of 18, when he traveled from Britain to Asia and ended up taking some of the most famous pictures of the Vietnam War in the 1960s," it says in a statement on its website.

Page, together with other photographers like David Guttenfelder, David Leeson and Steve Northup, regularly provide training courses for Vietnamese photo journalists, Dan Tri said.

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