Vietnam wants motorbikes limited to rural areas by 2020

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A new resolution by the Vietnamese prime minister aiming to control Vietnam's worsening traffic situation limits the number of vehicles allowed in the country to 36 million motorbikes and around 3.5 million cars, buses and trucks by 2020.

The resolution requires technical, economic and administrative measures to contain the rise of motorbikes, aiming for a future when motorbikes are only used in rural areas where public transport systems are underdeveloped.

It says small cars are to account for 57 percent of other vehicles in 2020, while passenger buses are to take up 14 percent and trucks 29 percent, with those vehicles unsuitable to the traffic infrastructure to be pulled off the road.

Officials said the target for cars, buses and trucks is reachable as the country of nearly 88 million people has around 1.5 million cars, buses and trucks, with between 120,000 and 150,000 new ones registered every year, according to official data.

It would yet be hard to contain the number of motorbikes, which is already at around 35 million, with more than 3 million new registrations every year.

But they also pointed to the chance that many current motorbikes are old and will be put out of legal use by 2020.

The decision, which aims to reduce traffic accidents and environment pollution from vehicle emissions, also stipulates that 16 to 26 percent of urban areas should be saved for traffic infrastructure to facilitate the development of modern means of public transport such as highrise monorails and subways.

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