Vietnam traffic violator seized after 4km chase, cops criticized for endangering road users

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 A video grab from a clip showing police officers in Hanoi chasing a car for nearly four kilometers as the driver fled after flouting traffic rules

A car driver was arrested for attempting to flee from police officers trying to flag him down in Hanoi July 8, while senior officials criticized the officers for creating a dangerous situation by chasing the errant driver for nearly four kilometers.

Do Van Khue, 24, faces charges of "resisting officials on public duty," Hoang Mai District investigators said last week after footage of the chase went viral online [Scroll down for clip].

The drama began when a group of traffic police officers at the Giai Phong Dai Co Viet junction spotted Khue driving in a wrong lane and failing to signal when changing lanes.

They signaled him to pull over, but Khue did not do so and instead sped up in an attempt to escape.

Several officers ran after the car, but failed to stop it. They called for reinforcements and several officers went after him on motorbikes before finally managing to stop him after a hair-raising chase.

During the chase, an officer managed to approach the car on foot, but Khue almost rammed him before taking off again.

For his "dangerous and deadly" actions, Khue would probably be charged with attempted murder, Lieutenant-Colonel Nguyen Trung Thanh, head of the officers' division, told Thanh Nien

The officers had chased after him despite being advised against running after fleeing violators, he said.

"They [the officers] should have stayed calmer."

Chasing after violators causes them to speed up, putting passers-by and officers at high risk, he said.

The best way is to note down their license numbers and later summon them, he said.

There has been a recent spurt in the incidence of offenders defying officials on duty, especially on the road.

This prompted the Ministry of Public Security to suggest that police and other officials should be allowed to shoot "suspects who show signs of resistance."

But the proposal, made in March, has caused concern among legal experts that it would lead to abuses.

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