Vietnam to send workers back to Libya after 2011 crisis

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Vietnam's labor and foreign affairs authorities are coordinating with each other to send people back to work in Libya after political upheavals last year forced the country to evacuate thousands of workers.

A recent report by news website Dan Tri said the Prime Minister has ordered related authorities to make specific plans about the number of workers and the destinations they would be sent to, so that the authorities can take quick action in case of any crisis in the future.

He also asked Vietnam's labor export businesses to make sure the contracts hold Libyan employers responsible for the workers' safety. The exporters should keep regular contact with Vietnam's embassy in Libya and keep themselves updated with the country's situation, he said.

Vietnam took more than 10,000 workers out of Libya during a violent political crisis early last year.

The crisis has since eased and contractors from third countries have asked Vietnamese labor exporters to send people to their projects in Libya, the companies said in reports to the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

They said many workers from other countries, including South Korea and the Philippines, have also returned to Libya.

The Department of Overseas Labor said Libya market can help Vietnam reach its labor export target of 90,000 people this year.

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